You are currently viewing Iraqi Government Grants Nokia’s Korek Telecom 4G LTE License Ahead Of 2021 Roll Out

Iraqi Government Grants Nokia’s Korek Telecom 4G LTE License Ahead Of 2021 Roll Out

The government of Iraq has just granted Korek Telecom and by extension, Nokia, the license to operate the 4G LTE network in the country.


Since 2013, Korek Telecommunications has picked Nokia Siemens Networks to supply equipment for upgrade and expansion of its mobile network in Iraq.


In 2015, Korek had gotten three 3G licenses from the Iraq government. Now, it has won its first 4G license from the authorities. Congratulating Korek Telecom, Rima Manna, Head of the Middle East Market Unit at Nokia said:


“Congratulations to Korek Telecom on the award of LTE license by the Iraqi Government! Leveraging our end-to-end technology portfolio, we look forward to supporting Korek Telecom in bringing a superior 4G LTE experience in the country in 2021.”

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Korek has always been a market leader in the telecom space. In December 2015, it also became the first operator in Iraq to launch Free Basics in the region partnering with and Facebook.


As of 2020, Iraq has approximately 30 million internet users. But the government is popular for coming under global scrutiny due to its censorship of use.


In fact, many NGOs in the country claim that the authorities monitor emails, chat rooms, and social media users through their local internet service providers.


Recently, after protests in November 2019, the Iraqi government allegedly cut the internet across major parts of the country. Likely, these governmental interferences are to blame for the country being behind in the network race.


This is probably why Iraq is just getting 4G LTE access ahead of 2021. Meanwhile, many countries have already had it for years. In fact, some are even starting to use the 5G network already.


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