You are currently viewing iPhone 14 screen protectors and other new details leak
iPhone 14 screen protectors and other new details leak

iPhone 14 screen protectors and other new details leak

iPhone 14 screen protectors and iOS 16 provide new details leak and hints at what to expect in the upcoming Apple smartphone.

The iPhone 14 official announcement is just a few months away and over the next few weeks, we will be seeing increased leaks and rumoured features.

The latest one is courtesy of Apple Track, a media outfit that reports news about Apple as they happen. In a tweet, it posted picture of iPhone 14 screen protectors, giving us a peek at what the smartphone will look like.

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If the screen protector is truly for one of the iPhone 14s, it shows only one large cutout. This means that the selfie camera could be slightly placed in the middle beside the top speaker and camera. Although, there is no possible way to tell the size as there was nothing to compare it to in the leaked photo.

Meanwhile, researchers reported that the iOS 16 contains references to an always-on display, which means that the coming iPhone could support it.

Additionally, the new operating system offers an upgraded Visual Lookup, which helps devices quickly identify and provide details or context on objects, people, pets and landmarks in photos. The feature could let iPhone 14 users do a whole lot more with photography than before.

Then, the new chip powering the coming smartphone could introduce improved photography features like SmartHDR and Deep Fusion. Also, there is mention of a better Camera app for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max devices bringing newer features.

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