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7 important details to check before buying a used iPhone

You may choose to buy a used iPhone for several reasons, although brand new out-of-the-case versions are still the best to spend money on.

However, used iPhones are more affordable, and in some regions, you only have access to resold iPhones due to sales bans. So, it is vital to pay close attention to these seven important things when buying a used iPhone:

1. Ensure that you can turn the iPhone you want to buy on and off. Sometimes, sellers may try playing a fast one on you by saying that the battery is dead. Either you can turn on the device, or you don’t bother buying it.

2. The next thing to do after you turn on the device is to check if it is accessible or locked and requires a password? Does the seller have the password to unlock it and reset the device? If the answer to both questions is no, you could be about to buy a stolen iPhone and plunge yourself into a world of trouble.

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3. If the seller has already erased or reset the iPhone, you may ask them to use their SIM card and login details to sign in so that you can continue testing the iPhone you want to buy. 

4. Check for physical damage next, starting with the screen, charging port, camera lenses, sensors, scratches that the case could hide, bends or dents, and more. Physical damage that does not affect the phone’s operation may not matter much, but it can give you an extra bargaining chip.

5. Of course, no used iPhone can boast of having a 100% battery life. However, if it is below 90%, do not waste your money purchasing it, as it will only further depreciate with time and give you an overall bad experience. To check the battery health of a used iPhone, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Look at the maximum capacity and performance capability.

6. You can check if Apple or a carrier has refurbished it by going to Settings > General > About and looking at the Model Number” entry; if it starts with an F, it means it is a refurbished device. This is another chip for you to bargain with for a lower price.

Also, you can check if any of the parts were replaced by an unauthorised repairer by going to Settings > General > About and looking at the parts.

7. If the seller agrees, you can use the phone for some time and judge from your usage if it is worth the price. Other things to check while using the iPhone include the display, speakers, mic, buttons, camera, and more.

While going for a used iPhone is a way to save money, you could lose more if you don’t know what to check.

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