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Too many iPhone 14 preorder requests crashed Apple Store

Customers reported that the Apple Store was giving error feedback on Friday while they tried to preorder iPhone 14 (and the AirPods Pro 2).

The errors ranged from the website not loading at all or payments not working. Also, some complained that the site failed to verify their numbers or credit cards.

As The Verge explains, the system failure was not on Apple Store main website but the pre-preorder system. This is a parallel system where you can choose the iPhone you’re interested in, other accessories, and set up payment and shipping. It is meant to speed up the checkout process so that when preorders open, you only need to checkout.

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Meanwhile, the issue didn’t affect everyone and some got their orders sorted and ready for the September 16 delivery date.

In 2021, the Apple Store had the same issue when the iPhone 13 became available for preorder. The explanation the last time out was that the phone maker had anticipated a small volume of demands because of the smartphone market just emerging out of the pandemic drop.

However, with the hype that the iPhone 14 had. It would not make sense that Apple expected low demand, likely, it did not project requests to be as high as it turned out.

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