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Bella Delphine selling Instagram bathwater

Instagram Celebrity’s Account Shut Down After She Sells Her Bathwater

An American Instagram star, by the name Bella Delphine, with 4.5 million followers has had her account shut down. She became famous for making her fans believe she intended to make p*rn for P*rnhub. Her most recent stunt has now had her thrown off the app. She started selling her bathwater in bottles for $30 on Instagram.


The 19-year-old woman is also famous for wearing barely any clothes and making ahegao faces. These are expressions used in Japanese manga p*rn.


Instagram has now taken her account down. Users now get a “Sorry, this page isn’t available” message when they search for her profile.




Apparently, there has been a campaign on Instagram urging the social networking site to remove her from the app. People also used her name as hashtag #belladelphine to report her page for n*dity and p*rnography. Perhaps the bathwater stunt was the final straw that got her Instagram account taken down.


It seems Instagram removed Delphine’s account for violating the site’s community guidelines. However, it is unclear if the app warned her before taking her account off. Earlier, Instagram updated its policy to warn users before deleting their accounts.


Meanwhile, Delphine has taken to Twitter to lament her predicament. She tweeted, “Wait… @bunnydelphine Instagram is GONE?!!!!!”


It is interesting how social media works these days and the stunts people are pulling. Be safe out there.

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