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Instagram Boss Reveals Why Tory Lanez’s Viral Live Show Was Blocked

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American singer and rapper, Tory Lanez had started a live show on instagram. The show amid lockdown and quarantine quickly gained viral popularity and had over 350,000 viewers tune in every night to watch Lanez perform. Drake, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Bryson Tiller have all made appearances.


To spice things up, Tory also regularly invites his female viewers to twerk. However some his guest contravened Instagram’s rules and exposed too much skin. One of them went ahead to feature a dildo-like object in her videos. These actions violates Instagram’s terms which caused the platform to yank the show off air.


tory lanez
Photo: XXL Mag

Lanez was blocked from going live for a week until April 14. “We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community,” read a message from Instagram, which he shared with his followers.


Smarting from being cut off abruptly while live, Tory moved to Twitter to start the #FreeTory movement. He also launched a second Instagram account @TheQuarantineRadio, which was also disabled. Tory continues to advocate for his freedom on twitter promising fans he would be back “We will be back #FreeTory,” he swore.

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However, in an interview with The Shade Room, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said Tory’s massive Instagram Live show wasn’t exactly banned.


“Quarantine Radio is not banned,” he said. “But you can’t have n****y on Instagram. It’s part of our community guidelines. It’s part of the rules and we can’t make exceptions. And on a couple of those lives yesterday for a few of those accounts, there was n****y, so we had to stop the live. There’s a short period of time when you can’t go live again. We have to stick to the rules, otherwise, why do we have them?”

See video below

Mosseri admits to being a fan of Tory’s of Quarantine Radio and is hopeful that the show returns as long as it sticks to the platform’s rules. “I hope it comes back soon, just no n****y,” he added.


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