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How To Make A Screaming Org*sm Cocktail

The Screaming Org*sm is a cocktail that has made way for more refined drinks. But that doesn’t mean it is no longer in demand.


The original drink called an “Org*sm” did not have vodka added. The addition of vodka to the drink (and some other drinks for that matter) added the word “Screaming” to it. Its controversial name made it quite popular.


screaming orgasm cocktail


To make a Screaming Org*sm cocktail, you can follow our recipe below. It’ll be sure to keep the weekend groove going and perhaps help you live up to its name if you get what that means.


*Recipe makes one screaming org*sm.


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  • Vodka (1 part)
  • Amaretto (1 part)
  • Irish cream (1 part)
  • Coffee liqueur (1 part)
  • Milk (1 part)
  • Whipped cream, to garnish
  • Chocolate powder, to garnish
  • Cherry, to garnish


screaming orgasm cocktail



  1. Fill a shaker with ice.
  2. In the shaker, combine vodka, Amaretto, Irish cream, coffee liqueur and milk.
  3. Shake properly.
  4. Pour into a serving cocktail glass filled with ice.
  5. Garnish with whipped cream, chocolate powder and a cherry.



  • To ensure that your cocktail mixes well with the Irish cream, use a higher quality vodka.
  • For an extra touch of flair and flavour, you can experiment with chocolate sauce. Use it to decorate the glass before pouring the ingredients inside.
  • Variant: Without the vodka, this drink is a mere org*sm, and where’s the fun in that?


Drink responsibly.


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