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Hinge Dating App Testing $60 Premium Subscription

Hinge is testing a premium subscription package of its dating app that will see the price rice from $35 per month to about $50 to $60.


The company is trying to rival Tinder’s similar offering, as it confirmed in November 2022, although at the time, it did not mention the exact price it would be applying.


According to a Bloomberg article, the new premium level subscription would entice you if you are a highly motivated daters because of its enhanced features. It is expected to give better exposure, show other users the people you like and receive better recommendations.


Hinge is owned by Match Group, the same company that brought us Tinder and OkCupid. It made more than $285 million in revenue in 2022, after expanding into Italy, France and Germany.


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The company is also offering a version of Tinder that would cost $500/month, but this feature is still under test to gauge users interest in it. You can join a waitlist for the feature for when it officially launches.


Hinge is eyeing a direct revenue of $100 million from its paying customers in 2023 along with a global expansion.



“We still have a lot more countries to go, and we will continue to roll out new markets and that should drive growth for Hinge over the next few years,” Match Chief Executive Officer Bernard Kim had said.


While it was a good year for Hinge, its parent, Match, saw its shares slump by 69% in 2022 and things are not looking too good for it at this time.


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