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Wakanow Restructures As A Global Brand | Appoints New CEOs

Wakanow, an African travel agency that has its origins in Nigeria, is restructuring as a global brand. According to a brand press release shared by Techpoint Africa, the company is undergoing a revolution.


While Wakanow has its eyes set on global expansion, it is choosing to start small with a focus on West Africa, before moving on to the continent at large and the rest of the world.


As part of the restructure, it is now going to be known as a Group entity with Adebayo Adedeji at the helm as CEO and Adenike Macaulay as the CEO of Wakanow Nigeria, its current main business.


Meet Adebayo Adedeji, the New Interim CEO of Wakanow
Adebayo Adedeji, New CEO of Wakanow Group. Image Source: Technext.


Wakanow will be providing fintech services that enhance travel as part of its new look as well as unlocking new destinations it did not offer before.


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“We are expanding into new verticals and Countries in Africa & beyond to take advantage of new business opportunities in the emerging competitive landscape leveraging our deep understanding of the African customer and expertise in the travel tech industry, and I will be leading this venture as Group CEO,” Adedeji said while announcing his new role.


He expressed confidence in Macaulay to continue to grow the group’s core business while he focused on expanding the business.


Wakanow is now operating in the UAE, the US, Sierra Leone and Gambia, and has plans to launch in the UK, Senegal and Cote D’Ivoire later in 2023.


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