You are currently viewing Apple Reveals M2 Pro and M2 Max | See Features & Specs

Apple Reveals M2 Pro and M2 Max | See Features & Specs

In a press release on Tuesday, Apple announced the M2 Pro and M2 Max, its next-gen SoCs (systems on a chip). The company said that these chips will further improve the breakthrough power-efficient performance of Apple silicon processors to new heights.


Internal of the M2 Pro chip.
Internal of the M2 Pro chip. Image Source: Apple.


The M2 Pro will have 40 billion transistors, which makes it 20 percent faster than M1 Pro and two times what the M2 offered. It will have up to 32GB low-latency unified memory with 200GB/s of unified memory bandwidth. Armed with this chip, a MacBook will load image processing in heavy programs like Adobe Photoshop 40% faster than an M1 Pro and 80% faster than the Core i9.


As for the M2 Max, Apple says that it will debut 67 billion transistors, representing 10 billion more than M1 Max and more than 3 times that of M2. The chip will offer 400GB/s of unified memory bandwidth and up to 96GB unified memory.


“…massive files open instantaneously, and working across multiple pro apps is incredibly quick and fluid,” the release read.


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The M2 Max should be able to run graphics-intensive projects like powering visual effects, training machine learning models, and stitching together gigapixel images.


Internal of the M2 Max chip.
Internal of the M2 Max chip. Image Source: Apple.


Apple’s M2 Pro will feature 10- or 12-core CPU made up of  eight high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores, while M2 Max’s 12-core CPU has up to 38 cores paired with a larger L2 cache.


The chips come with updated custom technologies that extend their capabilities. For example, it contains a 16-core Neural Engine that is capable of 15.8 trillion operations per second. Also, the M2 Pro packs hardware-accelerated H.264, HEVC, and ProRes video encode and decode, While M2 Max features two video encode engines and two ProRes engines. There will be a next-gen Secure Enclave for better security.


These coming chips will also be power efficient, which we found was a subtle recurring theme in Apple’s announcement.


Apple mentions that its macOS Ventura has new features like Stage Manager, Continuity Camera and Handoff in FaceTime, as well as improvement of native apps, which will all run better on the chips it just announced.


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