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Have You Seen FarmBot Express, The Automated Device That Works As A Gardener? [Video]

FarmBot is the name of a robotic startup that focuses on providing agricultural solutions through machines. The company had started by designing FarmBot Genesis and after its success, they mass-produced the Express versions of the device.


FarmBot not only provides robots, but they also use their technology to educate people and give room for further research. This is why their software has remained an open-source tool that developers can use for other purposes as well. In the video below, one of the company’s developers explains how FarmBot works.



These gardening tools come in two sizes: the Express and the Express XL. The major difference is that FarmBot Express is more applicable for small garden beds while the XL has bigger applications; it is four times larger.

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Some of the unique features of FarmBot are as follows:


— It offers users 24/7 garden maintenance which is impossible for humans who need to take breaks, rest and even sleep.


— Users configure FarmBot to plant seeds according to their own specific layout.


— This gardening robot can grow different crops at once on the same garden bed. It comes preprogrammed with software that can handle up to 100 common garden vegetables.


— To make it easier to assemble, the devices are shipped at nearly 95% assembly level. The video says users can get it set up within one hour. It also comes with online instructions and manuals.


— You don’t even have to be at home to control the device. The developers of FarmBot created an app that allows you to monitor your garden from wherever you are.


— It is equipped with a camera and advanced computer software that carries out full scans of your garden about three times daily. Thus, it can uproot weeds within minutes of them appearing.


Automated agriculture seems to be showing promise and this is important. Foods are part of our basic needs and if we are able to find better ways to improve products, it would benefit the world.


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