You are currently viewing Google And YouTube Launch Global Fact Check Fund With $13 Million Grant

Google And YouTube Launch Global Fact Check Fund With $13 Million Grant

Google and YouTube announced a grant of $13.2 million to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) to launch a Global Fact Check Fund. The aim is to support the network’s 135 fact-checking organisations spread across 65 countries.

In a blog post, the search company explains that the growing interest in misinformation this year has made it important to provide information that people can trust.

“The Global Fact Check Fund will help fact-checkers to scale existing operations or launch new ones that elevate information, uplift credible sources and reduce the harm of mis- and disinformation around the globe,” it said.

The fund will come in handy to incorporate new tech, expand digital footprints, optimise tools and deepen audience engagement. Organisations will begin to benefit from the fund in early 2023. You can see if your organisation is eligible for support here.

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In addition, the search company has been working to provide additional context features across its platforms. For example, it highlights relevant fact check articles in results in Search, News and Google Images to ensure you get the full context while you’re searching.

Also, there are fact-check panels on YouTube at the top of search results for a specific claim. Meanwhile, in Google News desktop version, you can see fact-checked assessment from independent organisations along with original claims and headlines.

Google also has a Fact Check Explorer tool that provides results from more than 150,000 fact checks from reputable publishers. In instances where their is a major news event, the Google News Breaking News panel appear in YouTube search results to show the developing stories from news sources that comply with the company’s content policies.

There is also the About this result feature that gives more context to search results and sometimes, Google Search does not show results for some queries because there hasn’t been enough range of sources to publish information on a topic.

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