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See New Changes Coming To YouTube Music Recap 2022

YouTube Music is giving users an improved 2022 recap feature that looks like it could give Spotify Wrapped, a popular offering from its rivals, a run for its money.

Initially launched last year as 2021 Recap, the music streaming platform owned by Google has made a few improvements. Now, you can also see the feature on the main YouTube app on both iOS and Android devices.

In addition to showing your personal music stats and artists that you listened to the most, the 2022 YouTube Music Recap would highlight artists that you may have been listening to before they blew up. Also, the platform adds a music personality feature based off of your listening habits.

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Likely, one of the biggest improvements is the integrating of Google Photos with the recap feature. This tool will allow you import photos from your storage that you took around the times you were listening to certain tracks the most. Likely, it would prove to be a powerful memory trip to what you were feeling during certain seasons.

Google has come a long way from when it used to send emails to select users with their Year in Review playlist. Its acquisition of YouTube and integration of all its tools has made the music streaming app even more powerful.

With 2022 Recap, YouTube Music is looking to offer much more than showing off what your music experience was like throughout the year with your friends on social media. Instead, even on a personal level, it could provide a space for much-needed introspection as the year winds to an end.

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