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Google Play Store marks 10 years

Google Play Store marks 10 years! See how it has evolved over the years

Google Play Store marks its 10th anniversary today with a logo redesign and ten times extra points in its rewards program.

Although you may have a hard time spotting the Play Store logo change, it significantly points to a more vibrant colour scheme, as you can see above. Meanwhile, the members of the platform rewards program will start enjoying ten times the usual Play Points when they make purchases from July 25.

The search engine company started Play Store in 2012 to house all its online stores. Initially, it supplied applications, music, e-books, videos, digital and hardware products. However, the store underwent several changes over the years, shedding its excess load to focus better.

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Music moved to Play Music before it was finally added to the YouTube suite as YouTube Music. Movies and TV services have now become an integral part of the TV app. The Play Newsstand is also now known as Google News.

Play Store is now a destination for apps and games, allowing users easily find what they need. But, it has not been without some issues.

One of the problems that Play Store faced was the ‘tax’ it charged developers for using its payment infrastructure while effectively blocking third-party systems. Additionally, it repeatedly comes under fire for allowing malware and spyware to thrive.

With over 2.5 billion monthly users in 190 countries, the platform has become a vital Android experience. 

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