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Amazon removes Kindle and Music purchase from Android

Amazon and Google fallout over payment gateway stops Android users from buying digital products from their phone.

Starting from June 1, Google is mandating that every developer process payments for digital good and services through the Play Store billing system. Doing this means that the search company collects a commission on every sale.

Before now, Amazon was among the few companies that Google allowed to continue running an alternate payment system. However, that is coming to an end as the second quarter of 2022 approaches its climax.

Audible, an American online audiobook and podcast service run by Amazon, was created for the sole purpose of buying and streaming audiobooks and other forms of spoken word content. With the option to buy and rent eBooks gone from the Kindle app as well as purchasing feature gone from Audible, Android users may just forget about the apps altogether and go directly to Amazon’s store.

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Although, it is still possible to buy credits on Audible, credit and debit card purchases are no longer possible. And, it is worth nothing that Amazon is not the only developer affected by this Google policy. Barnes and Noble also had to remove direct Android purchase as well.

Some developers are not going down easily as Tinder’s parent company, the Match Group, have decided to fight Google over the payment issue. Recall that Fortnite is also having a similar drown-out battle with Apple too.

Forcing developers to use in-house payment gateways on their hardware is opening OS providers to anti-trust issues, but big tech companies like Google and Apple believe that they can fight it and win.

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