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Google Ends Its Free Unlimited Photo Cloud Storage

Google last week ended its popular free unlimited photo cloud storage option, the company is now limiting free storage to fifteen gigabytes.


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The silicon valley company has offered users its “Google One service” instead, this move was first announced in November last year. Since the beginning of the month, any new photos and videos you upload; using google photos will be added to the free 15GB of storage.

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Google intends to start this Google One Service at $2 a month in the United States for 100GB of storage with other bonuses like Google store discounts.


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Google still helps to manage your photos, as any photo uploaded before June 1 will be considered free. You should still be able to access the free photo cloud option if your photos are not up to 15GB of storage.

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When eventually, the size of your Google photos reaches 15GB, Google will alert you; through via its Google Photo App and by email.


The company has a personal management intelligent feature, that can estimate how fast your free cloud storage will exceed based on how frequently you back up photos and videos to your Google Account.


In addition to that, Google added another feature in the Photos app in May that suggests Photos that are blurry, screenshots, or videos that are large to be deleted in order to manage your storage better.


If you looking for other alternatives, Microsoft’s OneDrive is a fantastic option with 5GB of storage. Interestingly, Microsoft offers you a personal vault extra layer of protection, real-time collaboration with others on Office.


Other features include a free office for the web service; advanced sync technology with your PC/Mac; and the cloud among others for the same monthly fee of $2 as the Google One service.



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