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Four Categories Of People You Will Find At A Nigerian Wedding

Happy weekend to our ardent readers. You know Saturdays are for weddings. In a typical Nigerian wedding, there are different categories of people you would meet. Some will come to slay, some will come for the food, some invited themselves and some will show up because of their love for the couple.


Below are four different categories of people you will find in a typical Nigerian wedding.


1. Friends and family

Friends and family at a wedding party


The people in this category are parents of the couple, siblings relatives, close friends, colleagues, old school mates, and so on. They are always busy running around to ensure the party is a success. These people come with gifts for the couple, and they contribute largely to the progress of the party.


2. The one who came to slay


This category of people come to the party so beautifully dressed that you will be confused if it’s also their wedding. They are known as the slay queens or slay kings. Their clothes stand out in the crowd, and they steal the show with their appearance. They have their clothes prepared long before the wedding, and they will make heads turn at the event.


3. Those that came for the food


What is a Nigerian wedding without correct Jollof rice? This category of persons came for the food, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. A typical Nigerian wedding will have an array of delicacies served, and these tasty meals will go to waste if they are not eaten. Therefore, will not only eat that the wedding but will struggle to have as many takeaway packs as possible.


4. The life of the party


This category of persons will thrill the couple and other invitees will their dance steps. They know all the trending dance routines  However, some of them will so dance that invited guests will spray them money they are supposed to give the couple. Most importantly, they make the party lively.


Now that you know the different categories of people in a Nigerian wedding, what category do you fall into?

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