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Fortnite Season Postponed

Fortnite End Of The Season Event Postponed Again, This time By A Week

Epic Games have announced that its battle royale title, Fortnite will have its big end of the season event postponed again. The first delay saw the game postponed till 3rd June 2020. This time though, the delay is just by only one week.


“In an effort to get everything ready for Chapter 2 – Season 3, we’re extending Season 2 by one week. The new launch day of Season 3 will be Thursday, June 11. Also, make sure to check out a one-time-only live event called The Device, now scheduled for Saturday, June 6 at 2 PM ET (please show up 30 minutes early to help secure your spot, space is limited!),” the company said in a statement.


The new date means Fortnite’s season 2 chapter 3 will start on 11th June 2020. It is unspecified what the reason for the delays is. They could be a result of the impact of the COVID pandemic on the Epic’s studio. Epic creative director Donald Mustard tweeted that the studio has over 1,000 people working from home on Fortnite.


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Epic had started showing glimpses of the end of the season event themed “The Device” since last week. Countdowns have appeared in the Fortnite’s lobby and in a screen in its battle pass menu.


Despite the pandemic, Fortnite still managed to host Travis Scott and a live Diplo concert. This, in addition to airing a trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie, Tenet.


It is possible that the new season is more technically challenging than the events. The lockdowns can also prevent the game’s developers from working with high tech pieces of equipment that would otherwise have been available in Epic’s studio, thus slowing the pace of the work.


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