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Five Ways To Be Naturally More Attractive

Whether we accept it or not, pretty privilege exists and gives people a natural edge in life. In fact, research states that attractive people make earn 14 per cent more than there than less attractive contemporaries.20 of the Most Stunningly Beautiful Black Women From Around The World

Agreeably, attractiveness is measured in looks first, but that’s not all of it. Being attractive sometimes is how you carry yourself, self-confidence, interact with other people, charisma, and others.

Read through to learn how to be more attractive naturally.

Wear sunglasses

You must have noticed that there’s this air of mystery sunglasses that give the wearer an austere look and some sort of sophistication. Little wonder it’s a favourite of celebrities. There’s even a whole study on it, done by Vanessa Brown, a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University.

So here’s it, the eyes are obscured by sunglasses, and eyes they say are the window to the soul. People can’t see your eyes, they can’t figure you out and voila! you’re more interesting than you ordinarily are.

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“The eyes are such a tremendous source of information—and vulnerability—for the human being,” Brown told The Cut.

Also, they help to hide irregularities in the facial structure around the eye areas, as well as eye bags, crinkling etc.

Want to amp up your attractiveness and appeal? Consider investing in a few cool sunglasses and see yourself transform in a hurry.

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“You’re never truly dressed without a smile”, we’re not sure where this phrase came from but they’re right; a smile completes your outfit. Even Sia agrees. Laughing and smiling is an age-long way of increasing attractiveness. People are naturally attracted to persons who radiate happiness, positive energies and smiling are one of the first ways to signal that.

Keep your chin up

Exuding confidence is yet another proven way of being more attractive. One way of showing that is keeping your chin up and face the world head-on instead of slouching. The world would see this and become drawn to you as well.

Look people in the eye

Looking people dead in the eye can be unnerving especially if you’re not used to it. However, avoiding it can signal a lack of confidence and you don’t want to give off that energy. Practice really looking at people while having conversations, it shows confidence and reinforces your presence.

Feel attractive

There’s no way you’d be attractive if you don’t feel it from the inside. Tell yourself you’re beautiful/dashing from the inside and walk the talk. However, you want to avoid coming off as cocky because that can be a turnoff.

Finally, you’re as attractive as you can think so feel it and be it!


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