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Five Simple Tips On How To Look Attractive For A Man

Looking attractive for a man goes beyond wearing the right clothes, it is the way you carry yourself and how you want people to see you.

It is said that men are very physical beings who are fascinated by what they see so sometimes women go out of their way to ensure they look good at all time.

Well looking attractive for a man does not have to empty your account as it goes beyond looking good. So if you want to be the total package and want a man to find you attractive at all times, you will find the simple tips below very effective.

1. Be clean

You can never go wrong with your personal hygiene. Every man finds a woman who grooms herself very attractive. Take care of your body. Take your bath regularly, ensure your dental health is priority. Wear clean clothes.  Body odour is a turn-off to anyone so ensure to invest in a good deodorant and perfume, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to smell well.  Also, ensure your surrounding is clean, this includes your office space and apartment. Don’t also forget to take care of your hair.

2. Smile

Five Simple Tips To Look Attractive For A ManYour smile reflects your inner self. Nobody wants to be with a gloomy person. We all want to be around people with positive energy who are lively and fun to be with. Smiling will not only boost your facial features but will also tell a man that you are sociable and will make it easier for him to approach and initiate a conversation.

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3. Wear the right clothes

Knowing the right clothes to wear for your body type is a major skill every woman should have. There are clothes a slim lady should wear and there are clothes for plus-size ladies. The wrong cloth for your body type can ruin the entire look. Consult a stylist to advise on cloth ideas that can accentuate your body shape. When you wear the right clothes that highlight your body shape you are sure to attract the men you want in no time.

4. Let your face breatheFive Simple Tips To Look Attractive For A Man

Who says you have to wear layers of makeup to make a man look at you and find you attractive. It is good to know how to contour and highlight your face but it doesn’t have to be a priority especially if you are not an influencer. It is cool if you love makeup and can apply it on a daily basis, but who says you can’t go out without makeup. Going out makeup-free gives the vibe that you are confident about how you look and you can let him see you just as you are.

5. ConfidenceFive Simple Tips To Look Attractive For A Man

Away from the clothes, and body shape is one accessory that makes any woman super attractive, and that accessory is confidence. How do you carry yourself?. Do you have healthy self-esteem? Do you believe in yourself or you are tossed about by people’s opinions?. Be confident. Stand up for what you believe. Be free to let him know your stand on issues around finance, your faith, work, and even family, and if your confidence scares him away, then maybe he is not the right man for you.


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