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Five Ways The Coronavirus Outbreak Will Affect The Lifestyle Of Lagosians

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At midnight on Friday, 28th February 2020 the Federal Ministry of Health confirmed the first case of Coronavirus in Lagos, Nigeria, with a public statement.


Already  Lagosians are panicking and looking at ways to stay safe while the Federal Government curtails its spread.


It is likely that businesses will be affected this period, as well as daily activities of Lagosians, will be affected too. The following are ways the lifestyle of Lagosians will be affected by Coronavirus.

1.Price hike in hand sanitizers, antiseptic soaps and face masks

Photo Credit: AP.


Nigerians are always quick to jump on trends and seasons to make money. For example the cost of umbrella increases during the rainy season. With the confirmed emergence of the Coronavirus, Pharmacies will likely double and even triple the price of hand sanitizers, face masks and antiseptic soaps because of the increase of demand.

2. Taxis will enjoy more patronage

Coronavirus may make many people resort to taxi rides in Lagos. Photo Credit: Google.


Lagosians are already afraid of one on one contact with fellow passengers in buses. For those who can afford it, they will rather opt for taxis and cabs than entering cramped buses with fellow passengers who could cough or sneeze without covering their mouths. Commercial bus drivers may just reduce their fare when their passengers reduce. Taxi operators will be smiling to the bank this period with more bookings here and there.

3. Cost of administration may just increase

Five Ways Coronavirus Outbreak Will Affect The Lifestyle Of Lagosians
Photo Credit: The Spruce.


Already companies are buying hand sanitizers for their staff. The news of the Coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria came at the end of the month when salaries are paid. This is an extra cost on administration or those who don’t keep a part of their resources for miscellaneous expenses.

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4. Relaxation outfits may face low patronage

Photo Credit: Livin Spaces.


Presently Lagosians are avoiding public places that are crowded. As such, show promoters will not want to fix shows this period when people are trying to stay safe. As such, event planners, may face downtime in business. On a lighter note, for the guys who complain that ladies always want to go out, they can spend their resources on data and airtime to keep communication alive through phone conversations.

5. Lagosians will become more religious

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Lagosians may love to party, but at this time when Coronavirus has been confirmed, it is a time to run to God. There will be prayer services to send the demon of the virus back to wherever it came from. Like the era of Ebola, the handshakes and hugs will be drastically reduced in Church services. It doesn’t kill to have faith in God and at this time, we can both rely on spiritual and medical help to combat the spread of the virus.


Ensure you stick to the precautionary measures as advised by the Federal Ministry of Health. Do not panic, and desist from spreading false news this period.


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