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Five Trendy Ways To Pull Off Your Matte Black Nails

Five Trendy Ways To Pull Off Your Matte Black Nails

Matte black nails have become trendy quite recently. But why should you opt for black, you may wonder? The thing is that there are times when you would like to express yourself in black nails but lack the idea and the design sometimes is a challenge. That is why we have compiled a list of extraordinary ideas on how to pull off black and matte combo so that it looks stylish and edgy.

1. Matte black nails with gold sequins designs

Five Trendy Ways To Pull Off Your Matte Black Nails
The best way to spice your matte nails up is to add some sequins to the design. The thing is, sequins are not that simple as they may seem at first sight. Matte black nails with gold look extremely elegant and luxurious.

2. Matte vs gloss

Five Trendy Ways To Pull Off Your Matte Black NailsThis is another perfect way to upgrade your black nails design. In case you would like to add some contrast to your nail art without involving other shades, simply combine matte and gloss in one design.

3. Matte black nails with silver sparkly accents

Black and silver nail design is what you need in case you think that black is too dull for you. Black and silver glitter nails look absolutely gorgeous and festive.

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4. Embellished flowers on strict black base

Who said that black nail art design needs to look edgy all the time? If you want to add some sweet accent to your matte black nails there would be no better suggestion than a sweet floral pattern. Matte black nail polish and flowers create that contrast that can’t go unnoticed.

5. A win-win combination of matte black nails and marble stone design

Black matte nail designs are perfect if you love experimenting. Matte black and marble stone design look good together. Even more, you can always spice things up with a piercing or some metallic effect.


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