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Five Ways To Know If A Woman You Like Would Date You

Five Telltale Signs The Girl You Like Will Date You

Sometimes guys are a bit skeptical when they want to ask a girl out. “Will she date me?”, “Am I good enough?”. “What if she says no?” are some of the questions that plague them. Often times, men are unable to realize when a woman likes them. Find out five ways to know if the woman you like would date you.

1. She introduces you to her friends or tells them about you

Five Ways To Know If A Woman You Like Would Date You

This is an obvious and important sign. A woman would tell her friends about you or invite you to meet her friends as a way of seeking their approval especially if she is considering starting a relationship with you or see you as a good fit.

2. She spends time with you

Five Ways To Know If A Woman You Like Would Date You

A man will know that a woman wants a relationship with him when she is always with him. A woman who wants to date you will be available for outings and will listen to you even in the less happy moments of your life.

3. She touches you

We are not talking about the passionate kisses that leave you without clothes, it’s about those small gestures that make you feel appreciated and loved. For example, when she touches your arm when you say a good joke. Physical contact is an indication of feelings.

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4. She is open with you

A woman is more vocal when she is with a man that she would want to date. She lets her guard down and tells him how she feels. Sometimes she does this because she wants an urgent solution to a problem. Other times, she just wants a listening ear.

5. She tells you about her plans

Five Ways To Know If A Woman You Like Would Date You

Women are planners. She knows where she wants to be at the end of the year. She has her month planned, and if you are a man she wants to be in a relationship with, she would let you in on these plans. Maybe as a way of seeking your opinion because you matter to her, or to just simply let you into her world.


So when you see all of these signs and you are interested in starting something beautiful with her, make your intentions known as soon as possible.


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