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Is Flirting Cheating? Reasons Why It Is Dangerous To Your Relationship

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For a good while now, there’s been a raging conversation on whether or not flirting is cheating. Many people are of the opinion that flirting is not exactly cheating, as long as no actions are put to it.


Others, however, are strongly opposed to flirting while in relationships and see it as a betrayal of trust. To them, if you’re truly committed to your partner, there’s no reason to flirt either in person or through a device.

Flirting is simply communicating and behaving in a way to attract s*xual attention from the person of interest.

But what is flirting, really?

The s*xy picture that may not be a thirst trap, that long, knowing look, that slight graze of the arms or that risqué text — they are all flirting.


Flirting is simply communicating and behaving in a way to attract s*xual attention from the person of interest, with or without serious intent. It’s usually done in a way of initiating romance. It is what singles engage in before they become involved in a relationship.

So if you’re in a relationship, is it ok then to flirt with someone else?

Before we answer this let us explore the meaning of cheating.

“If you have an agreement with your partner that your relationship is monogamous, and you have an emotional and/or s*xual affair with someone else, then you are violating your agreement with your partner — and you have cheated,” Dr. Gary Brown, a dating and relationship therapist.

Simply put, cheating is being unfaithful either physically or emotionally to your partner while in a monogamous relationship.

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Flirting is cheating because it breaks the boundary of trust your partner has for you. Most times, when people flirt, they do it outside the consent or knowledge of their partners. So, if it’s not wrong why are you hiding? When in a committed relationship, we have agreed to give parts of ourselves to our partner, and flirting means we’re now giving it to someone else.

It’s not only s*xual intercourse that is cheating. Sometimes, an emotional affair can even be more damaging than physical. Moreover, flirting may be a beacon sign that you’re unhappy in your current relationship and looking to jump ship.


However, not all flirting is equal. While some have the intent to carry out a said action, some are just empty looks or words with no intention to take it any further.


But, flirting at all is a slippery slope and when it’s done more often, the lines become blurred. Largely, it depends on the terms of your relationship with your significant other. If you’re not exclusive, then by all means flirt, if you wish to. You can also have a partner who doesn’t mind your flirting and is doing some of that as well even in an exclusive relationship; yes, they exist. If so, then you’re in the clear.


But if it would hurt your significant, as it would most, then it’s best not to indulge at all to protect your relationship.


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