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Five Meals You Can Prepare Within Five Minutes

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So you have about five minutes to fix a quick meal at home because you have a million and one things to do. You wonder what meal you can prepare in five minutes. Will that time be enough to make a complete meal?


Think no further, because today we present five meals you can prepare within five minutes.


1. Fried eggs

Fried egg with bacon pieces in a pan;


Fried eggs are pretty easy and quick to make. This time around, ensure you are eating with bread because boiling yam will take a longer time. Below are steps to prepare fried eggs within five minutes.

  • Break the eggs in a bowl.
  • Whisk it, add a bit of salt, pepper and seasoning to your taste.
  • Put groundnut oil into a bowl, and heat for a few seconds.
  • Add your eggs.


2. Noodles


Who doesn’t want a quick bowl of noodles? For some people, this meal will pass a snack. But in a situation where you don’t have time in your hands, it will be filling. Here’s how to prepare your meal with five minutes:

  • Put the noodles into a pot of water.
  • Heat for two minutes.
  • Add your seasoning and allow to cook for two more minutes.


3. Potato chips


Potato chips actually get cooked on time compared to when you are frying yam. This is how to get your chips cooked.

  • Cut your potato into bits using a minute or two. Remember, you are not cooking for a community so a tuber or two will do.
  • Heat your groundnut oil for a minute.
  • Add your potatoes and allow to fry for two minutes.
  • Eat with stew or ketchup.


4. Sandwiches


This meal is a very fast meal, especially when you already have the fillings you need at home. For sandwiches, know you need to have a loaf of bread. What’s a sandwich without bread? Also, fillings for sandwiches vary from person to person. Please stick with what works for you.

  • Slice your cabbage. (Optional)
  • Pour your mashed beef, boiled eggs or fish into a bowl.
  • Spread the above in your bread and enjoy your meal.
  • Ensure to use mayonnaise or butter.


5. Toast

toasted bread


This could pass for a snack in some setting, but here we are taking it as a complete meal. Here’s how to prepare your toast.

  • Spread butter on your bread.
  • Add eggs and any other filling you like.
  • Put your bread into the toasting machine and toast for four minutes or more, depending on how you like your toast.
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