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Tired Of Sunday Rice? Five Delicious Meals To Cook Instead

Sunday rice has become somewhat of a culture for a lot of Nigerians. But no matter how you cook it, you cannot deny that you’re tired of eating rice for every Sunday lunch. If this is your plight, Plat4om is here to rescue you. Here are five meals you can make instead of rice.


1. Ikokore (Water yam pottage)

sunday rice alternative ikokore
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Ikokore is hearty and filling and packs the goodness of the layered flavours of seafood, water yam, and palm oil. You can garnish it with ponmo, vegetables, and whatever protein you want. It is absolutely perfect for a family meal on a Sunday afternoon. Get the recipe here.


2. Banga soup

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Another great dish to consider for Sunday lunch is swallow and Banga soup. This Southern delicacy is made from the extract of the palm fruit. The palm extract is boiled, spiced up, seasoned, and garnished until it becomes a fragrant and tasty soup that can be eaten with any swallow. Get the recipe here.


3. Stir-fry pasta

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If you’re looking for something light to make on a Sunday afternoon, you can cook up a colourful, veggie-packed stir-fry pasta. There are so many vegetables and meats to choose from to create a delicious meal with relatively lower calories and shorter cook time. This meal is also very kid-friendly. Get the recipe here.


4. Bole and fish

sunday rice
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Another beautiful Southern dish, Bole and fish is a spicy roasted meal so delicious and spicy that it is bound to bring tears to your eyes. Roast plantains at any level of ripeness you like and make a spicy palm oil stew to dip it in. Accompany it with some grilled fish and you’ve got something lovely going. Get the recipe here.


5. Roasted potatoes

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There’s nothing more wholesome to have for Sunday lunch than lightly-flavoured roast potatoes eaten with a thick, hearty, and meaty sauce or chicken. Whether you want to go sweet or spicy with it, just toss some chunks of potato into the oven and let the heat cook it from the inside out. Get the recipe here.


That’s our list of alternatives to Sunday rice. We hope you found this helpful. Tell us which recipe you will be trying out in the comment section below. Happy Sunday!


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