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Facebook Reveals Instagram Passwords Were Exposed

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Barely a month ago, Facebook announced it mistakenly stored millions of Facebook users’ passwords within the reach of its employees. The company now admits that this also affected millions of Instagram accounts.


Facebook wrote in a statement that they had discovered additional logs of Instagram passwords stored in readable formats. They also allayed fears by saying that the passwords have not been “abused or improperly accessed.”


About 20,000 employees reportedly have access to Instagram passwords. Meanwhile, Facebook claims that nothing malicious has happened as a result of the exposed passwords. A lot of Instagram users with hacked accounts found it really difficult to get them back. Apparently, Instagram’s support in this regard is flawed.


Instagram passwords exposed


Facebook’s issues with security seem unending at this point. Critics think the company is being even more careless despite all its issues in recent times.


Some critics also believe this information comes a little too late. The company has, however, revealed that it will contact affected users directly via email.


It will be advisable though to immediately change your password if you get an email from Instagram as regards your account.

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