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Instagram May Start Hiding Likes

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Instagram is looking to change the like setting on its service. Some new screenshots revealed suggests that the social platform is looking to hide like counts on posts. Instead of seeing exactly Instagram like counts, users may now only see “liked by” a few handles “and others.”


Instagram says they now want followers to focus on shared content and not the number of likes it got. Only the user that shares the post will now see the total number of likes it gets. They are, however, only still testing this new update and have not yet made it public.


The video-sharing social media platform says they are exploring ways to reduce pressure on Instagram. They have been making recent changes to the app to keep track of how much time users spend on it. They have also added anti-bullying features in response to its effect on mental health criticisms.


Critics have pointed out that Instagram like counts may have contributed to the potential negative effects of the service. This is because it can be a source of social pressure, especially for young users. Making likes a lot less important will weed out the pressure of competition and the feeling of underachievement the app seems to birth. It might potentially make Instagram healthier.


Instagram like counts


This new feature might never make it to the app, but it is being tested. This means that the company is mindful of its users. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, is constantly experimenting and testing out new features, some of which are later discarded.


This one seems like one that will affect social media influencers who thrive on the likes. Brands’ popularity is also tested based on likes and comments. It is the way celebrities and companies sometimes check how well they are doing or received online.

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