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EFCC Crackdown On Cybercrime In Nigeria Becoming Tool For Extortion- Twitter Cries

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) recently announced arresting 89 suspected cybercriminals in a nightclub. However, it had led to a backlash from the public.


Cybercrime is a major activity in Nigeria and law enforcers seem on an almost personal path to eradicating the menace. But it looks like they are going about a rather commendable activity in the wrong way.


Some common means of carrying out these activities among the supposed ‘Yahoo Boys’ are fraudulent electronic mails, identity theft, hacking, cyber harassment, spamming, Automated Teller Machine spoofing, piracy and phishing.


On Monday, 20th January 2020, the official EFCC handle posted about the arrest:



Reactions showed, however, that the action was rather a high-handed approach that bordered on abuse of power. People have thus come out to condemn the act and demand the freedom of the arrested men. One of the most popular people to give voice to this outcry is Sega, an activist, who said on his Twitter page:


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This also comes after citizens of the country have been calling for the eradication of the SARS department of the police.


In recent years, tech workers like programmers, data analysts and writers have complained that they cannot move around with their PCs or even smartphones anymore without fear of being arrested and made to pay by the feared police arm.


tech workers protest sars cybercrime efcc
Tech Workers protesting in 2019. Photo: CNN.


Now, the arrest of 89 suspected cybercriminals who likely were just men hanging out in a club at night has resurrected the voice of the persecuted again. Although the EFCC had explained that they had reasons for initiating the arrest, it posted:



People still believe the enforcement agents are misusing their power and not really curbing cybercrime. Thus, they need to do more tracking of online activity and not random raids.


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