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Disney+ Hits Over 28 Million Subscribers, See How It Measures Against Other Streaming Giants

Disney+ has reached over 28 million subscribers and counting since it launched in November 2019. With its number growing at an exponential pace, we take a look at how it measures against other streaming giants.


Disney+ had opened its doors for business on 12th November 2019. The American subscription video-on-demand streaming service entered an already dominated market. Yet, it has clearly asserted its place in such a short period.


The Direct-to-Consumer & International division of The Walt Disney Company owns and runs the service. However, other streaming services currently dwarf it.


Amazon Prime Video, for example, has been around for almost 14 years since it began operation in September 2006. The American Internet video-on-demand service developed, owned, and operated by Amazon currently has between 150 – 160 million paid subscribers.


It seems the Amazon service is worlds away but there are other services that currently also outrank the growing strength of Disney+. Netflix has been around longer than even Amazon Prime Video having been founded in 1997.

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Currently, by the last count, Netflix has 158 million subscribers which is almost as much as the Amazon giants. This does not mean that Disney+ is not yet doing well but only points at how much ground it has to cover to be among the top.


Speaking about exponential growth, HBO’s streaming service is a major example. The company had existed for as long as 47 years but it only began its streaming services around five years ago.


Now, HBO boasts of an outstanding 140 million worldwide subscribers.


One may also consider that it only took Disney+ three months to get the 28 million subscribers it boasts of. However, there is the fact that internet streaming is more popular now than it was five years ago. This may be because of the increase in tech knowledge, better connectivity and ready availability of smartphones as well.


It is also commendable that the content Disney+ offers subscribers is quite rich and enticing. The website boasts of it being the exclusive home for favorite movies and TV shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.


ESPN which is co-owned by The Walt Disney Company is still well below 10 million subscribers.


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