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Developers Form Coalition For App Fairness Against Apple App Store Policies

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Apple’s biggest critics have come together under a banner to fight its store’s policies called the Coalition for App Fairness. The likes of Epic Games, Spotify, Basecamp, Match Group, Tile, Blix, and Deezer have joined forces in the group.


The group aims to, “create a level playing field for app businesses and give people freedom of choice on their devices.” The coalition plans to provide a central organisation for developers to join. It also wants to help those who may not have the resources to challenge Apple on their own. Thus, marking a more coordinated effort.


The group says it welcomes companies of any size and in any industry. They only have to be committed to protecting consumer choice, fostering competition, and creating a level playing field for all app and game developers globally.

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The Coalition for App Fairness holds three main issues against Apple, they are;


— Apple’s 30 percent cut of any payments sold through the store

— a lack of competitive options for app distribution on iOS

— a claim that Apple favours its own services using its control over iOS


Tim Sweeney, CEO, and founder of Epic Games in a statement announcing the coalition said; “We are joining the Coalition for App Fairness to defend the fundamental rights of creators to build apps and to do business directly with their customers”.


To solve this, the coalition has a list of demands, namely;


— Developers not be forced to use an exclusive app store

— all developers should have equal access to the same technical information as the platform owner

— that developers should also not have to pay ‘unfair, unreasonable or discriminatory fees or revenue shares’ to list their software on the app store.


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