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Dangers of downloading movies illegally from torrent sites

Downloading movies illegally from torrent sites may seem like a good way to save cost on a trip to the cinema or not having to pay streaming subscriptions. However, piracy is no joke and you are exposing yourself to several dangers.

Torrents is not a bad thing as companies such as Microsoft use it to roll out software updates. Game makers Blizzard also use it to share large files. Torrents makes sending large files on the internet quick.

In the negative aspect, it allows users stay anonymous if they wish, while sharing files. Here are some key dangers you should be aware of if you are in the habit of downloading movies illegally:

Beware of malware or viruses

Several torrent sites make their money by partnering with app makers (some of whom are hackers). They hide malware that can compromise your device in the movie file that you want to download. So, you should not be surprised to find strange apps installed on your device, which you have no memory of downloading.

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ISPs discourage downloading movies illegally

Internet service providers are notorious for throttling users who visit torrent sites a lot by slowing down their internet. They do this to discourage users from pirating other people’s content.

You could go to jail

While some countries have lax rules on copyrighted material, others are quite serious about it. And, you don’t have the luxury of ignorance. There are some places that you could be sent to jail for possessing illegally downloaded movies.

Several of the dangers of downloading movies illegally are mitigated by using VPNs. Which is why several people doing this use to stay under the radar. However, you may be exposing yourself to hackers.

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