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Uber hacking: company says no sensitive data leaked

Uber has claimed that no sensitive data of its users leaked after its hacking incident on Thursday. If you had been holding your breath concerning your private info, now is the time to let it go, at least that is what the company says.

News that the world’s most used ride-hailing software was under attack caused a bit of a panic. However, the first sign that users might be safe was the fact that the company only took down its internal messaging system.

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There were several reports that the attack was launched by one bad actor, who is a teenager. While the company did not confirm these claims, it did say that the hacker(s) got access by compromising a staff through social engineering.

Likely, the investigation that Uber launched in the wake of the hacking showed that users’ info remain safe.

With trip history and personal info stored in the company’s systems, people were right to panic. Such details can extremely ruin people’s lives if it got out. And, hackers typically use them to hold the company ransom or sell them on secret forums to other bad actors.

It took less than 24 hours for Uber to fix the issue and certify that its systems were clean and brought them back online.

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