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How to watch House of the Dragon Episode 3 in Nigeria free

House of the Dragon Episode 3 comes out on Sunday, September 4, in the US and you can watch it free in Nigeria. However, you will have to wait until Monday to see it.

Note: Until you have seen the new episode, don’t go on Twitter.

So, how do you watch House of the Dragon Episode 3 free in Nigeria? This works if you have not used your email address and phone number to register a Showmax account before.

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— Download the Showmax app on your Android or iOS device.

— Once it is installed, open the app and tap on the “Try it for Free” button at that bottom right of the screen.

— Next, create an account by filling the three fields required; email address, password, and phone number.

— Then, on the next page that opens, scroll down and tap on “Start 14-day free trial.”

— You will be required to enter a payment method and choose how you want to pay (if you already have a card linked to your Play Store or App Store, it will be suggested for you).

— All you have to do next is complete the registration process and for the next 14 days, you can watch House of the Dragon Episode 3 free.

If you wait until Wednesday, you can also watch House of the Dragon Episode 4 free. However, after these two weeks, you will need to start paying the NGN1,200 sub or cancel your subscription. Another thing you can do is try the steps with another set of details.

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