Co-worker Arrested For Possible Poisoning Of Chinese Billionaire & “Game Of Thrones” Game Maker Lin Qi

Co-worker Arrested For Possible Poisoning Of Chinese Billionaire & “Game Of Thrones” Game Maker Lin Qi

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A man has been detained in respect to the death of Chinese entrepreneur and billionaire, Lin Qi.Coworker Arrested For Possible Poisoning Of Chinese Billionaire & Game Of Thrones Game Maker Lin Qi

Lin Qui, 39, was the founder of gaming company Yoozoo Games Co, known for the “Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming” strategy game.


Qi was admitted to the hospital for “acute symptoms of illness” and died on Christmas day, eight days after.

The hospital determined he was poisoned which led to the arrest of his 39-year-old co-worker by the Shanghai police. According to the police, the colleague, Xu, “is a suspect and had been detained “in accordance with the law while the relevant investigative work is carried out”.


Lin Qi who was Yoozoo’s chairman and chief executive founder of Yoozoo Games Co, started the company in 2009. He was also is also set to produce the forthcoming Netflix adaptation of the science-fiction hit “The Three-Body Problem.”

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According to the Hurun China Rich List, Qi’s net worth is listed at 6.8bn yuan ($1 billion).

Yoozoo initially annouced he was well on the mend before revealing he died on Friday, December 25th.

Citing industry sources, the Caixin media organisation said the arrested suspect could be a former Yoozoo director involved with the motion picture subsidiary that is working on “The Three-Body Problem.”


On Friday Yoozoo posted a tribute to Lin, signed by staff. “You saw through what was imperfect but still believed in beauty; encountered unkindness but still believed in kindness,” it said. “Together, we will continue to be kind, continue to believe in beauty, and continue to fight against all that is unkind


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