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#BussItChallenge: Viral Challenge Shoots Rapper Erica Bank’s Single To Chart’s Top

Except you’re completely off the internet ( we hope not, you’ve to read this), you’d have stumbled on the now-viral #BussItchallenge.

People on the internet are quite familiar with challenges. 2020 saw the most viral challenges sweep through; from #dontrush to #Bopdaddy to #voguechallenge to the #influencer challenge, safe to say internet goers got extra creative because of the lockdown.


The #bussitchallenge is not very different from #Dontrush or #Bopdaddy as involves transformation. But this time, the participant switches from casual, mostly concealing clothes to short revealing thot gowns and flashy makeup. They then proceed to twerk their derriere while miming to the song “Buss it” by Erica Banks.

Since the challenge, several ladies from across the world have jumped on it and quite frankly, we’re loving all their submissions.

Oh, the men are not left out as well.


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Since the challenge went caught fire on Tiktok, spilling over to Twitter and Instagram, and other socials, “Buss It” song which was released last summer has been climbing on the charts.


The artiste Erica Banks has been previously accused of copying Megan Thee Stallion. The Dallas-born is signed to the same label 1501 as Thee Stallion and people have said they have the same sound.


Banks recently took to her Instagram to share the spiraling of “Buss It” and we can’t help but share in her excitement.

Check out some of our best videos from the challenge.



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