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Check Out Some Of The Most Hilarious Submissions To The Viral #InfluencerChallenge

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You probably have heard of the ongoing #InfluencerChallenge on social media and wondered what it’s all about. Well, you know those times where you take out your hairbrush and stand in front of the mirror to say “hello guys! Welcome to my show” and go on to talk about a bunch of things that are absolutely not true?


For the influencer challenge, you’ll be doing it in front of family and friends. Here’s how it works; you pretend as though you’re an influencer while making a video with your family and friends around. You go on the say a bunch of lies basically hyping yourself and film how they react.

The hilarious challenge kicked off originally from TikTok but over the days have spilled into Instagram and Twitter. The results so far have had us in stitches and we’ve curated some of the best from around the world so far. Enjoy!


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