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Big Tech Companies Reportedly Affected In SolarWinds Software Hack

IT management company SolarWinds was compromised in a hack just last week and among the affected are the US Treasury, Commerce, State, Energy, and Homeland Security departments. The hack was conducted by hacking a network management software operated by SolarWinds.


SolarWinds has an extensive client list including numerous government agencies and companies. Some reports finger the Russian government as responsible for the hack in which some of the victims may have had emails stolen. Many of these organisations are still reviewing their internal security process to know if they have been compromised. The Wall Street Journal reports that some big tech companies have been compromised too.

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Companies like Cisco, Intel, Nvidia, Belkin, and VMware have all had computers on their networks infected with the malware. Worse, there could be far more. SolarWinds says that the hack impacted a little under 18,000 companies.


Although the company won’t reveal the list of its clients who used the infected software. Some recent reports have confirmed that the attack affected some of SolarWinds’ big-name clients.


Investigations have also revealed a second actor exploiting the SolarWinds software to carry out its attack. Investigators do not believe that this second actor is related to the initial threat actor.


The US government’s computer security organisation has announced that every federal agency should power down its SolarWinds systems immediately to forestall further attacks.


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