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Chinese Spokeswoman Says US Claims About Risks To National Security Are Completely False

Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying says that claims by the US about risks to national security were completely false. The spokesperson was responding to a US decision to put a stop to China Telecom US operations.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had announced its decision to begin the process of revoking China Telecom’s authorisation to operate in the United States as it looks to take further steps to reduce China’s role in US telecommunications.


The Trump administration recommended that US regulators block China Telecom from operating in the US. He warned that the Chinese company was creating “substantial and unacceptable” national security and law enforcement risks for the US.

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Already, the Trump administration banned network manufacturer ZTE from buying US products in 2018. It later reversed the move then placed severe restrictions on Huawei. The administration also accused of stealing trade secrets on behalf of China, a claim it has refuted severally.


In May 2019, United States President Donald Trump placed Huawei and several other Chinese companies on an Entity List. Companies on the list are unable to do business with any organization that operates in the United States.


China Telecom received the authorisation by the FCC in 2007 to operate in the US. However, the Department of Justice claims that the company has failed to comply with terms of its “existing agreement” with the department.



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