You are currently viewing Beirut Blast: Scores Still Missing As Death Toll Rises Above 100

Beirut Blast: Scores Still Missing As Death Toll Rises Above 100

On August 4th, residents living in Beirut, Lebanon woke up to massive destruction of buildings and deaths. The Lebanese capital was shaken to its foundations by a huge explosion causing wide-scale destruction across the city. The Redcross society in Beirut has recorded more than 100 deaths and scores injured. Also, more than half of the city has been destroyed in the wake of the explosion. According to reports, thousands are missing and the death toll will expectedly rise.

“Everywhere you look there are devastated buildings.” – Alex Crawford SkyNews reporter live in Beirut, as she walks amongst the ruins of a once buzzy street.

Authorities say the cause could be a result of large ammonium nitrate being stored in a warehouse. Prime Minister Hassan Diab has called for a day of mourning in Lebanon. Prayer for the families and loved ones of at least 100 dead people and 4000 injured. He further insisted that Lebanon is going through a “real catastrophe” and must bring justice to those involved.

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More than 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate were left unsecured in a warehouse near the city’s port for six years. The prime minister pointed this in a tweet as the cause of the explosion.

Lebanon’s internal security of chief, Abbas Ibrahim said the blast could be as a result of confiscated explosives from illegal ships, stored in the port.


In other news, US President in his controversial manner said his generals believe the explosion was a result of a bomb attack. He provided no further evidence or explanation to his claims.


Hospitals and medic centres are short of blood for patients. Beirut residents are calling for aid and help from international bodies. The damage is widespread and severe all over the city.


Isreal had earlier issued a statement saying it had nothing to do with the incident, rather they will be offering humanitarian and medical assistance to Lebanon.


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