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Become More Productive By Using These Typing Hacks On WordPress

Some people’s job requires them to type on WordPress for hours every day and thus, they need these hacks to be productive. Others may find themselves using the service because it is a hobby.


Whatever your reason for using this wonderful blog publishing platform, you will find the following Windows 10 hacks very useful.


1. Adjust to full-screen

To avoid distractions while typing, switch the display to full-screen. This gives you all the space to type and view your texts without the options listed left, right, above and below.


To do this, simply tap the icon on the top-right of the typing window. See picture below:


WordPress hacks productivity


Also, you can use the Shift+Alt+W keys to achieve this.


2. Adjust typing page to fit your blog post

In order to see how the post appears on your blog, you don’t have to wait to preview it. You don’t know this? Well, resize the view by holding Ctrl+ (either – or +). Now as you type, you can also see what it will look like on the blog post.

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3. Change header

You can change the header without using your mouse to locate the header option. To do this, select the word or phrase and use Shift+Alt+(1-6) to get the proper header. One is the biggest size with six being the smallest.


4. Insert link shortcut

Select the particular word or group of words that you want to insert a link in. It can also be an empty line as well. When the cursor is at the preferred location, use Ctrl+K to access the insert link feature.


Other WordPress key hacks to be productive include:

Windows/Linux: “Alt + Shift (⇧) + letter”. Mac: “Ctrl + Option (alt ⌥) + letter”. (Macs running any WordPress version below 4.2 use “Alt + Shift (⇧) + letter”).


WordPress hacks productivity

WordPress shortcuts. Photo:

5. Copy only text from other websites

While copying a quote from another website to use on your blog post may save time it may also disorganise your text settings. To avoid this, don’t paste directly. Instead, after copying the text, switch to Text mode from the editor option. Then right-click and paste as plain text or just use Ctrl+S**t+V instead of the Ctrl+V.


6. Use the em-dash

Em dashes are an important part of typing as they help pass the correct information. To insert emdash in your article simply type dash three times. It appears as (- – -) on your editor (without the spaces) but appears as (—) on the published article.


7. Copy and paste pictures

Using the add media takes time to load but there is a better way to add pictures to your post that saves time. Just copy and past it directly on your article when you find the right size.


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