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Top Tech Trends Of The Week 13th January 2020, Wikipedia Returns To Turkey

The top tech trends of the week witnessed Wikipedia’s return to Turkey internet and the rising fortune of Elon Musk. There is also a lot more that happened and we bring you a summary in case you missed any.


Turkey lifts Wikipedia ban

Many take for granted what they are used to. However, for Turkish citizens, they may see Wikipedia in a new light as it just returned after nearly three years. The information service shared the news of gaining freedom in Turkey after 991 days on Twitter.


The reason for its initial block was an article that the Turkish authorities frowned on and claimed to be false, read more.


Elon Musk to get collect a huge pay

Tesla and SpaceX boss, Elon Musk is reportedly in line to get paid a whopping sum of $346M in stocks if Tesla reaches the $100Bn mark by 2028. Condition stock payments are companies’ strategy of ensuring CEOs reach their goals. With Tesla’s steady rise, experts are of the opinion that Mr. Musk may be getting his huge reward.


top tech trend of the week
Elon Musk in top tech trends of the week


The car company had also tasked hackers this week to try and penetrate its security for a prize.

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Microsoft Edge browser’s language problem

Microsoft recently launched a new Chromium-based browser this week. However, the new Microsoft Edge browser did not get off to a smooth beginning. Just barely hours after its announcement, users started complaining about getting the browser installed in a language other than theirs.


But, interestingly, it took just hours for the development team to fix the glitch. Kudos!


Jack Dorsey says no to edit feature

Many Tweeps (Twitter users) were heartbroken after Twitter’s boss, Jack Dorsey said the service may never get the edit button. In a video Q&A, Jack gave the damning response to a question about the edit button for tweets.


Jack Dorsey top trends of the week
Jack Dorsey. Photo: Gettyimages


He also made some interesting revelations you can see the full story.

Google launches six months Python programming course

Search engine giants, Google is offering everyone a chance to learn how to use Python to code. The six months course comes with a certificate after and an option to share your skills with top businesses around the world. If you want to know more about this, check out our article on it.

The U.S. warns the U.K. about Huawei

In what seems another major blow to Chinese electronic company, Huawei, the U.S. has warned the U.K. to avoid it in its 5G equipment testing. According to reports, the delegation that visited the U.K. had given reasons as to why Huawei was dangerous.


The press didn’t get its hands on any of this as the China-based firm continues to deny being spies for China. We reported the story here.


Some stories did not make our top tech trends of the week, however, they are still worth reading.


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