As Stock Price Crashes, Tesla Seems To Have Improved Its Autopilot Safety

As Stock Price Crashes, Tesla Seems To Have Improved Its Autopilot Safety

As Tesla’s stock (TSLA) price crashes (to $701.32), a recent report shows that the company has been busy improving the safety of its autopilot.


In an article by Wccftech, the blog was able to show that Tesla had considerably improved the safety of drivers. The data considered was from the first quarter of 2020 and it was measured against older quarters from the third quarter of 2018.


To give a summary of what the data analysis showed, the writer, Ramish Zafar, described three different changes in accident scenarios of Tesla drivers.


In the first instance, it showed that drivers were less likely to have accidents when both Autopilot and vehicle safety features had been engaged. But the reverse is the case for scenarios where one of the features or none are engaged.


Tesla autopilot safety
A Tesla Model X on autopilot crashed in February 2020. Photo: BBC.


There were more accidents when only the safety features had been engaged; and the number of accidents increased when neither Autopilot nor the safety features had been engaged.

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The obvious conclusion is that the company had worked on its safety software. Before now, there were growing reports that Tesla cars accelerate without the drivers doing so.


Also, there are stories of people getting involved in accidents when they took their hands off the wheel to let the autopilot control the car. This is direct disobedience of the company’s instruction not to do this.


Tesla had started 2020 on a strong note. Its shares (which had recently dropped) had risen to its highest. We had reported that its CEO, Elon Musk’s tweet was likely behind this sudden drop.


The coronavirus has also affected the company. Its main production plant (gigafactory) in California has closed. Like all other companies, it is facing difficult times during the pandemic.


However, it can get even worse for Tesla. This is because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had announced that it is considering opening an investigation regarding the many accident reports of its cars.


Now, the company may be in a better position to come out unscathed. This remains to be seen as an investigation can swing anyway.


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