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Your Smartwatches May Be Under Attack! Use These Five Security Tips Now

Smartwatches are prime targets of hacking attacks but the five security tips outlined in this article will ensure that yours is well protected.


Undeniably, smartwatches are wonderful devices that are more tailored for their functions than for glamour. They can be useful in a wide variety of roles.


Thus, it is unsurprising to find that while a fitness enthusiast uses theirs for exercises, another person can use them as a personal office assistant.


It is likely these functions and what people use them for that make them prime targets of hackers as we mentioned in the opening.

To protect your smartwatches from attack, see these five helpful security tips:

— Ensure that your smartphones are always secure. As the saying goes ‘charity begins at home’, so does your security; it starts with your smartphone where your smartwatch is connected to.


Hackers can undermine your security if they get access to data transfer between connected devices. Most of the time, they do this through the many third-party apps on your phone.


security tips smartwatches
Samsung Galaxy Fit. Photo: Askifa.


To learn more about how to protect your smartphone from third-party apps, see this article: Android Privacy Security Tips To Protect You From Third-Party Apps

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— Update your smartwatch software when new ones arrive. We had previously written on why it is important to update devices regularly. The same is true for your smartwatches.


— Check the permissions you grant to fitness apps to ensure that they are not collecting more data than necessary. This is important when you consider that smartwatches read most of your vital health information and many big companies will be willing to pay much to get their hands on this information.


So, if you know that you cannot spend the time reading most of the privacy and agreement terms of apps, use only a few or trusted ones.


— It is not just hackers that may pose a threat to your smartwatches, thieves may want to steal it from you. One way to avoid falling victim is to not use it in public unnecessarily or for show off.


security tips smartwatches
Huawei Watch GT 2. Photo: Stuff.


It is likely that your smartwatch looks as ordinary as any other rubber strap or leather strap watch. If you don’t flaunt it, they may not want it.


Another way to discourage them from stealing your data after they get hold of it is by keeping it locked.


— To know if your smartwatch is already under attack; monitor the battery and data use. If you notice abnormal spikes, someone else may be operating your device remotely.


While the security tips mentioned above are not all that you can do, it is a step in the right direction to keep your smartwatches protected.


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