You are currently viewing Arizona Senate Skips Landmark Vote On PlayStore And App Store With No Explanations

Arizona Senate Skips Landmark Vote On PlayStore And App Store With No Explanations

A bill scheduled for a vote before the Arizona State Senate that would have imposed unprecedented and far-reaching changes on how the App Store and Google PlayStore would operate was skipped without explanation.


The bill would have specifically forced the platforms to allow alternative in-app payment systems. However, despite every other bill on the schedule making to the deliberations and vote, Arizona HB2005, which is first on the agenda, didn’t come up.


Earlier in the month, the Arizona House of Representatives had passed an amendment to the existing HB2005 law. Apple critic and Basecamp co-founder David Heinemeier Hansson is now pointing fingers at Apple for interfering in the vote. Hannson accused the iPhone maker of hiring a former chief of staff to Arizona, Doug Ducey, to broker a deal to stop the bill from the Senate debates and votes.

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“The big show turned out to be a no show. The bill was killed in mid-air while on the agenda with a backroom deal. Apple has hired the governor’s former chief of staff, and word is that he brokered a deal to prevent this from even being heard,” Hansson. Hansson had submitted testimony in support of HB2005, on Twitter.


A protocol report says that both Apple and Google had hired lobbyists to combat the bill. If the Arizona bill had passed and became law, app makers could take advantage of it to skip the App Store and the Google Play Store’s payment systems.



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