You are currently viewing Alibaba Buys NetEase’s Import E-Commerce Unit For $2 Billion

Alibaba Buys NetEase’s Import E-Commerce Unit For $2 Billion

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Alibaba Group recently bought the e-commerce platform of NetEase for about $2 billion. The company will also participate in a $700 million investment in NetEase’s music streaming service. The two Chinese firms said this on Friday, 6th September 2019.


The move will see e-commerce titan Alibaba take control of Kaola. Kaola is one of China’s top online shopping platforms for foreign brands.


The two US-listed internet giants said Kaola would continue to operate independently under its current brand. However, Alvin Liu, an executive with Alibaba’s Tmall platform, would take over as chief executive.


Alibaba and NetEase also have reached an agreement under which Alibaba — along with co-founder Jack Ma’s private equity firm Yunfeng Capital — would invest approximately $700 million in NetEase Cloud Music in its latest round of financing.


Alibaba buys NetEase
Alibaba. Photo: Reuters


The deal will most likely boost Alibaba in its battle against Chinese rivals. The rivals include and Pinduoduo to remain the country’s top brand for e-shopping.


Alibaba and Kaola account for more than half of transactions involving foreign brands.


“Alibaba is confident about the future of China’s import e-commerce market, which we believe remains in its infancy with great growth potential,” said Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang.


The deal comes just days ahead of Ma’s planned departure as Alibaba chairman next week, when he plans to pursue private education initiatives.

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