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Uber mobile shopping Feature

Uber Launches A New Mobile Shopping Feature

Uber has just announced a new mobile shopping feature that lets users shop during rides. The company partnered with a start-up called Cargo. The company raised $35 million for ‘backseat commerce’.


The passengers will earn 10% credit for future rides for every purchase made on the Cargo App Store. Uber drivers in the US will also earn an extra dollar each time a passenger orders something.


Users who want to use the app will first need to download a separate Cargo app. Then they will have to scan the driver’s QR code to make purchases. Just checking in to the app also allows the rider to play card games and win prizes.


Uber Cargo


Uber’s head of guest products and services, Neal Watterson said: “Depending on which card they pick, they can win a wide range of items like Uber Voucher credits, a $30-discount on SeatGeek tickets, or premium products like an Oculus Go Headset or Christian Louboutin Nail Colour”.


Uber marketplace

“This is a marketplace for Cargo brand partners to reward riders with exclusive discounts, products and content that creates surprise and delight,” he added.


Users making airport trips are also able to watch films on their phones from another app called Movies Anywhere. They can do this for as low as $5 to $10, but it only works in America at the moment.


Uber seems to be growing, and having its eye on the e-commerce market is not a bad idea. The partnership with Cargo will go a long way to help its dreams of expanding in the online space. Uber has been doing way beyond rides for a while now. They offer peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride-hailing service, food delivery, a bicycle-sharing system and now the shopping platform.


Various deals are offered daily to riders in the United States. They get deals on Apple products, makeup, headphones, games and the likes.


Last year, Cargo allowed drivers to open their own convenience store in their car. It raised $5.5 million for it. Uber drivers were able to make extra money from selling snacks to riders.

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