You are currently viewing A Must-Watch Documentary About Agege Bread By FABA

A Must-Watch Documentary About Agege Bread By FABA

Anyone who grew up in the 90s knows the Agege bread story. It was that soft, fluffy, mouth-orgasmic loaf you could eat with practically anything.


It can be eaten with beans, akamu (pap), butter or akara (bean cake). Some even explore by eating it with noodles. However, anyone who eats Agege bread today can tell that it’s not the bread it used to be.




Taking a walk down memory lane, FABA (For Africans By Africans) traces the bread back to its origin. You get to see where it all began and what caused the drift from it being number 1 to it being less than the best.




The effect of modernisation on its trend is clearly focused on. Although, in spite of all of this, you can still tell that this legendary meal staple remains popular among many.




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Watch the documentary about Agege Bread below.

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