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The Hidden Lives Of ‘Housegirls’ In Kenya – BBC Africa Eye

In most African countries, most people have “housegirls”, or housemaids. They either have one, are related to one, or are one. In a BBC Africa Eye Documentary, reporter Nancy Kacungira Uganda investigates the secret lives of domestic workers, or housegirls, in Kenya.



She investigates the reason why young women who live near the Uganda border leave their villages to work as housegirls in Kenya. Also, she interviews several young women. Through the interview, they reveal they have been mistreated and abused in the process. They experience such ill-treatment in the hands of their employers.


In spite of this, they still leave their villages to become domestic workers. The women reveal their reasons in the documentary.


Watch the video of housegirls in Kenya below:

A charity in Kenya is calling for the introduction of laws to protect domestic workers to ensure their safety.

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