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5 Productivity Apps You Need To Get More Work Done

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Productivity apps help make your job easier and faster. They assist you to remain productive and allows you to get more work done in less time. We all want to get things done and with less effort; which improves our time management skills and leading more productive, fulfilling lives. These five productivity apps listed here will help you achieve those goals.


Google Calendar

Productivity apps also include the many calendar apps on the market, but Google Calendar is the best. It is free, works across all devices, and is excellent for teams and individuals. It lets you manage many calendars by using color-coding, as well as set many reminders for events. It’s smart, free and very efficient.
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Grammarly is another productivity app for checking your grammar and spelling. All you need to do is install the browser extension, it highlights grammar and spelling errors in your writings.
Either you’re writing in Google Docs or even composing an email, Grammarly will make sure that your spellings and grammar are correct. And you can get all this for free! There’s also a premium service. It helps highlight ineffective vocabulary, grammar and punctuation errors, confusing sentences or paragraphs, hard-to-read sentences.
It also does other checks like; tone detection, monotonous passages, inconsistent writing style, unnatural phrasing, hedging language, impoliteness, insensitive or non-inclusive language, inappropriate tone or formality level, plagiarism.


The best scanner app with useful features. CamScanner is a free Android app that allows users to scan, store, sync and collaborate on content across smartphones, tablets, and computers.
CamScanner uses a mobile scanner that works by using a camera function within the app.
After taking a picture of the paper you want to scan, the app recognizes the corners of the sheet and outlines it to crop it in a way that makes it look perfect. The text is clear and readable and the document is safe to share with other people.


Gmail is already a very well known email program, for reasons. It’s free, and it has great organization tools and keyboard shortcuts for processing emails quickly. This makes it an important productivity app.
Also, if you use Todoist, you can use the Todoist for Gmail extension to make Gmail messages Todoist tasks. 


Zoom is touted as the best video calling app because it works consistently! There’s nothing more terrible than calls dropping or failing amidst an important conversation.
Thus, Zoom is the most reliable video call app by far.
Furthermore, Zoom lets you share your screen, record calls, and also share invite links to calls. For most, the free version will be all you ever will be needing.
We will be bringing to your attention other amazing productivity apps in subsequent post.

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